Why 99% Of Guys Don't Approach Women

The Simple Reason Why 99% Of Men Don't Approach Women

Before we dig into the reason why 99% of men don't approach women (especially nowadays), let's first break down the 3 different types of guys out there looking for women, shall we?

#3 | Stage 5 Creeper


Obviously, the title of this type of guy says it all and sad to say most guys (including myself) are guilty of it. So what is a creeper? It's that guy that is at the bar that really wants to say something to you but ends up going with blank stares as his mind goes into an endless loop of approachable scenario success and failures.

How To Manage If Approached: If you think the connection is there, laugh at his weak approach and just go with it. It will make for a better story later.

If a genuine creeper, tell him your 6'8" NFL Linebacker boyfriend is in the bathroom. 

#2 | The Pickup Artist


You know exactly who I am talking about. It's that guy that literally casts his reel out at every girl in the bar. He is a smooth talker and appears to not care what anybody thinks.

Now understand, this is not such a bad thing and could be one of two scenarios.

1. Good - The guy is just fed up with standing by and has decided to take action for once and go for it.
2. Bad - Dude is a pro and is just going for anything and everything.

#1 | The 'Waiting For The One' Dude


It's that dude who is just with his friends, having a good time, and he is literally like "eh, whatever". When the time comes, he goes for it, but he knows what he wants and isn't willing to settle.

Which is 99% of women which is ok! You shouldn't settle.

Check out this guy's further explanation and this all will make more sense. 


So really, it just comes down to whatever you're looking for.

My suggestion? Wait, if you see something you really want, just go for it. Speaking from experience. 

What do you think is the best way to approach someone you are interested in?



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