Rolling Down Hill In Tire Gone Wrong

Man Rolling In Tire Down Hill Goes Wrong

At some point in history, a group of friends got together while changing a tire on a hilltop and said "Well, hell, what are we going to do with this tire now?"

Moments later their friend Jasper has stuffed himself into the tire.

"What now?"- Jasper yells out with a chuckle. 

"You go for a trip" his friend shouts as he dropkicks the tire with Jasper in it sending it rolling violently down the hill. 

Moments later Jasper finds his view as a spinning mess as he accelerates down the hill at Mach 5. 

And that is how I imagined the invention of this idea happened. 


So what exactly happened in this video of this kid stuffed in a tire rolling down a hill? We aren't really sure, but by breaking down the video of the tire rolling down the hill gone wrong we notice that the first failure of these kids was to roll down this pathway much too close to a drop off cliff.

The second failure is not judging the projected path of the tire rolling and not correcting the path of the rolling tire once it begins to stray away from the safe zone. 

Either way, I hope this kid is ok because that looks like about a year of barfing from my angle. 



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