Netflix Urges People To Stop #BirdBox Challenge

Netflix Is Urging People To Stop Doing The Bird Box Challenge

Before I go into this quick story of Netflix urging everyone to stop attempting to do the bird box challenge let's go over two items. 

Number one, for those of you that are like "Why would you bring more attention to this?! It's the Tide Pods all over again!"....I say to you, relax. My blog isn't that popular and I am sure everyone has come across this elsewhere. 

As for number 2, we need to first discuss this question...

What is the Bird Box Challenge?

I'm glad you asked. The Bird Box Challenge is based on Netflix's new movie that is breaking records about a woman's (Sandra Bullock) attempt to stay alive with her two children during an alien invasion and how do they stay alive? They wear blindfolds. Yeah, I know sounds stupid. It's pretty much the movie The Happening only with blindfolds and aliens. 


So naturally, the internet found the notion of wearing a blindfold all day intriguing that they began to make the hashtag #BirdBoxChallenge go viral with people attempting to go about their day...wearing....a. blindfold.

Which then sparked Netflix and the cast to begin Tweeting plees for the internet to stop attempting the #BirdBoxChallenge. 


Example of the #BirdBoxChallenge Below


More #BirdBoxChallenge



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