Someone Stole John's Million Dollar Idea!

You know that little dance you do in bed, where you huddle under a million blankets because it's cold and you want to be cozy, but then you start to overheat, so you stick one foot out to cool down?

Well, "flip-flop socks" are basically the clothing equivalent of that — and we can't decide if they're brilliant or crazy.

Who among us hasn't shivered through a winter pedicure and contemplated simply leaving their feet untouched through March? Flip-flop socks to the rescue!

And what about those times you're in need of a good yoga stretch, but don't feel like slipping and sliding around on your hardwood floor or exposing your bare feet to the elements? Flip-flop socks to the rescue!

 OK, so maybe we'd walk the dog in these. Etsy

And even if you're a strict observer of seasonal dressingwho wouldn't dare wear your flip-flops out and about, they would be easy to throw on to grab the newspaper or walk the dog. These could prevent you from freezing along the way. (Maybe you'd rather buy these than a pair of Crocs?)

And for those who find themselves doing a constant socks-on, socks-off routine just to stay comfortable, we want you to live your best lives this winter.

So, yes, we might be converts.

Chad & Leslye

Chad & Leslye

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