Birth Pictures Capture Mom's Total SHOCK at Finding Out She'd Had a Boy!

Mom from Georgia always figured she would only have girls since her family has only given birth to girls for the last 50 years, including her own daughter. 

As you can tell she was pretty shocked during the delivery to find out it was a boy.

Pictures taken by: Ker-Fox Photography  

'In my over 100 births I've photographed, I see all kinds of reactions,' Ker-Fox told PopSugar. Yet, despite her experience, this particular moment was charged with such raw emotion that Ker-Fox found herself in tears. 'When Dara looked over at me, and I captured this reaction [...] I busted into tears behind the camera.'

Crouch and her husband opted to wait until delivery to learn the sex of their future child, though both had their own ideas of what would happen. Despite the family lineage of women, Crouch's husband had faith that this pregnancy would be different. '[He] thought from the beginning that it was a boy,' she told PopSugar. 'I was not so convinced,' she admitted. 

'It never really set in that this baby could be a boy until just a few minutes before he was born,' she said. And with this realization came a handful of uncertainties: 'I started freaking out because I had never been around a little boy and didn't know much about raising one.'

The gender of the baby wasn't found out until delivery. Crouch said that, 'When my midwife, Melissa, held him up, I was in complete shock! It was a boy, and I lost it!' 

Whatever doubts Crouch had about the idea of birthing a little boy quickly dissipated. 'I was so excited, and so in love! I couldn't imagine it being any other way!'

Chad & Leslye

Chad & Leslye

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