Move Over Unicorn Frap, The Goth Cone Has A Secret Ingredient That's Good For You

All you goths out there can rejoice: there’s a sweet treat that’s been invented just for you! There have been a lot of creative food trends this year and the latest one is the goth waffle cone—a black ice cream cone that comes with mind-blowing flavor options courtesy of Little Damage in Los Angeles, California.

What makes the cone black? It’s not food coloring; the ingredient Little Damage uses to give their waffle cones an inky appearance is activated charcoal. The effect is more than just pretty to look at—activated charcoal has some health benefits and is known to absorb impurities in the body.

But whatever health benefits the charcoal cone may have is probably going to be offset by all the decadent flavors offered. Beet, mango stick rice, and unicorn tears are just some of the options available. They also have flavors that are vegan and lactose-intolerant friendly.

In addition to all the whacky flavor options, Little Damage offers inventive toppings like caramel popcorn, fruity pebbles, and—if you’re not feeling especially fancy—plain old rainbow sprinkles. Check out how people are mixing up the goth cone with colorful toppings below.

Little Damage


Little Damage

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Little Damage

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