First Thing Women Notice About Other Women

It's pretty  common to give someone a quick look up and down when you are first  introduced to them just to kind of get a feel for who they are, right?

Most  of the time it's not something we do on purpose and I would hope for  the most part you aren't sizing someone up incase you're about to fight  them (but it does happen... sometimes)

Ok, that's a little drastic    But in all seriousness there's one thing that the majority of women  look at first when meeting another woman, according to a new study. 

Can you guess what it is? 

If you said butt or chest than you're probably a dude.... The reality is most women look at another woman's hips first!

Without  getting all scientific on you, the results of the study say that was  the most looked at region between females because woman tend to compare  bodies starting with weight. 

The second most looked at part of a  woman was their head where they were mostly checking their hair and make  up and third the upper body and legs. 

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