Megyn Kelly Fired! Demanding 50-Million Dollar Payout!

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Megyn Kelly is out at NBC after a tumultuous week.

In the culmination of a weeklong firestorm following Kelly’s comments about the acceptability of blackface, NBC News has fired Kelly, according to multiple reports but first broken by The Daily Mail. As part of being relieved of her duties as host of “Megyn Kelly Today,” the network will pay out the remainder of her salary, believed to be in the range of $69 million.

On a Tuesday morning segment on “Megyn Kelly Today,” Kelly compared blackface to other non-racially charged costumes, implying that the practice of darkening one’s skin as part of any Halloween outfit wasn’t an inherently racist practice. Kelly issued an email apology later Tuesday morning, followed by an on-air apology on Wednesday’s episode of “Megyn Kelly Today.” Neither of those actions were able to stop a mounting series of pushback against the host, including from planned guests from the Netflix series “House of Cards,” who canceled their appearance.

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