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How To Thank Your Amazon Driver So They Get $5 From Amazon

Amazon Prime delivery van on the street

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I think we can all agree, Amazon has spoiled us with fast deliveries over the years and with that expectation, the drivers are often working long and stressful days to make sure you get your package on time. Now, with the holidays are quickly approaching, more packages are being delivered and Amazon is doing something pretty cool as a thank you to their drivers but they need your help.

All you need to do is, after your package is delivered - go to your Alexa device and tell it to thank your delivery driver.

When you do that, they will get a special thank you message and $5 - and it cost's you absolutely nothing! Amazon is going one step forward too and the 5 drivers that get the most thank you's will also get $10,000 and $10,000 to give to their favorite charity.

A simple way to say thank you to the driver(s) who have worked hard all year with your Amazon splurges! Share this with a friend so we can get these Amazon drivers paid!!

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