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Man Found Living In A Storage Container With An Alligator

Person performing a stunt with alligator

Photo: Getty Images

A Washington State man was found living inside of a storage container and sharing the space with an almost 7 foot gator! The alligator was rescued from a property in Lakebay, Washington after animal control received a complaint about a person living with the animal.

Animal Control officials stated the owner was living inside a shipping container with a small tub inside for the alligator, and he also had a baby calf!

“The back half was a little living room and mattress on ground where the man was sleeping and it was free access for the gator to come in and out of the tub next to the man,” said Sgt Darren Moss Jr., Pierce County Sheriff's Department's Public Information Officer.

Officials say they returned the next day with a warrant to seize the animals, however, the calf and owner were gone but the alligator was still there. Animal control along with sheriff's deputies was able to wrangle the large animal into a van.

Animal control believes the alligator had been living at the residence since at least 2017.

The alligator was taken to the local Humane Society where a wildlife rehabilitation sanctuary met them to take over custody.

The sheriff's office said the gator is in good health and will now spend the rest of his life in a larger habitat.

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