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YouTuber surprises Hurricane victims, donates 12 RVs to families in need

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Fort Myers Beach, FL - A YouTube star has changed the lives of 12 Southwest Florida families by donating RVs to those who lost their homes to Hurricane Ian.

Stephen Deleonardis, a popular YouTuber, wanted to give back to his home state after the devastation of last month's hurricane.

Stephen and his friends surprised 12 families by gifting them an RV.

Deleonardis said he's happy to help in a time of need, telling WSVN "I felt amazing. Just knowing that they had a house they lost house now they have someone the house is a two bedroom, full kitchen full bath everything so they have something to fall on."

Debra and Billy Cole were one of the families that received a free RV.

Debra told WSVN “I heard that there was a barbecue on the beach. And they said, ‘Debbie, you gotta go over there. There’s a rally and they’re gonna. I don’t know, they’re gonna hand out something.’ I didn’t know what it was. But anyway, so we like got my husband together. He’s been horrible right now. He’s grumpy. He’s sitting in the car,” Debra said.

Debra said her next step is to move the RV to her property and salvage what she can of her belongings and start living in it.

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