WTH!!! 42% of Pet Owners Have Thought About Giving Their Pets Away!

Even on Halloween, this might be the darkest topic of the day . . .

A new survey asked pet owners if they've ever thought about getting RID of their pets, or giving them away. And 42% said YES, they've at least thought about it. Here are the top ten reasons we consider giving up our pets . . .

1. They make too many messes in the house. Either by going to the bathroom or tearing stuff up.

2. Allergies became an issue.

3. They made too much noise, like barking.

4. I didn't realize they'd need so much attention.

5. They had medical needs I wasn't equipped to handle.

6. It didn't react well to a new child.

7. Too much shedding.

8. I had to move and didn't want to bring them.

9. They were too hyper.

10. They didn't get along with my significant other.

The survey also found the most common things pets destroy are clothes, toys, couches, blankets, and chairs. 

Chad & Leslye

Chad & Leslye

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