R.I.P. Sweet Wendy Chioji, Heaven Has Gained An Angel

Rest In Peace

When I first came to town as an anchor/reporter for WKMG/Local6, I was assigned a story at a big event in Altamonte Springs, one of the "Taste Of's" If I remember correctly. I had driven my own car and in my rush to meet my photographer in a city I barely knew, I locked my keys in my car.

That's when I first met Wendy. She was cruising past in a beautiful black SUV. She must have seen my panic, because she pulled up, rolled down her window and said, "Hey aren't you the new girl over at 6.. do you need help?"

I think we all feel like we "good friends" with Wendy, because that's the kind of girl she was. She was also a fighter, one of the best fighters I've ever known.

Thank you Wendy for your spirit, your smiles, your fight, your adventures, and your love.

We miss you already.

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