McDonald's Has Its First Holiday Drink in Six Years!!

If you're already planning what you're going to eat and drink on your road to gaining 15 pounds over the holidays, maybe make some room for this.

McDonald's just announced it's rolling out its first "seasonal" drink in six years. It's called the Cinnamon Cookie Latte, and it'll come in both hot and iced form starting on November 6th.

Their last seasonal drink was the White Chocolate Mocha in 2013.

McDonald's also announced they're bringing back the donut sticks they sold earlier this year . . . and this time around, they'll come with a chocolate dipping sauce.

And finally . . . it's McRib time again. It's officially coming back on Monday, although some McRibs have already started popping up at McDonald's locations around the country. 

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Chad & Leslye

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