AGT Champion, Magician, Shin Lim, Performs For Magic's Chad & Leslye

Shin Lim is the 2015 world FISM Champion for close-up card magic and the winner of America’s Got Talent, season 13.

A self-proclaimed "Sleight of Hand Artist", Lim admits that he is actually NOT a magician nor a wizard, and has NO intention of lying to the audience.

He performs carefully self-choreographed routines rather than pretending to defy the laws of physics. Combining dexterity, precision and grace, he has distilled a lifetime of training into a devious display of dancing digits. His mind-boggling finger moves are so masterful, that the audience is left to wonder what if their eyes have seen is truly possible.

VIP ticket includes the best seats, as well as a meet and greet and photo opportunity with Shin Lim.Specific details on when and where to go for the meet and greet will be emailed out to ticket buyers prior to the show.


Chad & Leslye

Chad & Leslye

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