Parents Are Obsessed With ‘Baby Backpacks’ That Protect Little Ones’ Heads

Parents are praising these baby backpacks that help to protect their little ones heads while they’re crawling.

The plush shapes are fitted to the back of the infant using elastic underarm straps that can be adjusted to fit perfectly.

A soft circular disk sits on the back of the baby’s head meaning that if they fall backward or have a bump their precious skull is protected, putting anxious mums and dads at ease.

The product comes in several designs including a bee, a ladybird, and angel wings and parents seem convinced by the bizarre contraption with the product receiving exclusively five star reviews on Amazon.

One wrote: “Very cute, very nice fit, and protects baby back of the head and back while sitting…been using for a 6 month old. Adjust straps accordingly.

“Looks cute too made a few family members laugh!”

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