Why Is Justin Bieber On A Real Legit Baseball Card


There aren't a whole lot of famous BIEBERS. There's JUSTIN BIEBER of course . . . and there's an up-and-coming Cleveland Indians starting pitcher named SHANE BIEBER. They're very different people.

But in an amusing twist, a SHANE Bieber baseball card accidentally calls him JUSTIN. (???)

It's a Topps card . . . and in the text under Shane's actual name and bio, it says, quote, "Until Bieber did it in 2018, no Indians pitcher in 54 years had logged six or more strikeouts in each of his first three big league appearances . . .

"JUSTIN was particularly comfortable on the road, where he went a team record 7-0, and was undefeated in 11 starts."

Shane shared a pic of the card and said, quote, "Nice!" Topps saw it, and joked, quote, "Is it too late to say sorry?" And then the REAL Justin Bieber said, quote, "I feel like we have a special connection."

We're assuming that Topps will correct future prints of the card, which means this one is ALREADY on its way to becoming a major collector's item . . . even before we figure out whether or not SHANE will be a star. 

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