Video of Armie Hammer’s son Sucking His Foot Got Him Trending On Twitter


Armie Hammer made the decision to post about his 2-year-old son Ford Hammer sucking on his feet, and Armie didn’t just post the words, he posted the video in an Instagram Story and decided that’s something his 1.2 million followers needed to see. Armie, stick to liking bondage pics on Twitter!

You know that family with a laissez-faire attitude about nudity around each other or that brother and sister who are so lovey-dovey that they’re bordering on Lannister or when a grandmother innocently comments on the size of her grandson’s girlfriend’s breasts? This is one of those situations and it’s causing everyone to question themselves, realize they’re completely repulsed despite the purported innocence of the goings-on and immediately begin creating memes to deal with their trauma.

Paperreports that, in a since-deleted Instagram Story, Armie unwisely chose to showcase his son Ford going in on dad’s toes. Um…

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