The Original "Designing Women" Coming To Hulu!!!

Prepare to relive the night that the lights went out in JOR-JAH! Deadline says that Designing Women is coming to Hulu (and I’m not talking the reboot that’s been talked about for eons)! I’m talking about the original show. For those of us who have worn their copies (be it, VHS, DVD or digital) of all seven seasons ofThe Golden Girls to nubs, this will be the breath of fresh sass and snarky female friendship that we need! The episodes will be available for streaming on Aug 26, which is Women’s Equality Day!

Designing Womenran from 1986 to 1993 on CBS. It was about a righteous Southern lady named Julia Sugarbaker (played by the incomparableDixie Carter) who runs an interior design firm with her shallow but hilarious beauty queen sister Suzanne (played by the incomparableDelta Burke), her snarky friend, single mom Mary Jo (played by the incomparableAnnie Potts), and her naive but cheerful other friend Charlene (played by the incomparableJean Smart). AndMeshach Taylorplayed Anthony, the beleaguered ex-con who became a partner in the firm.
The digital platform will air all 163 episodes of the series, which was produced by Bloodworth/Thomason Mozark Productions in association with Columbia Pictures Television for CBS, after striking a deal with Sony Pictures Television.

The ladies tackled timely issues like AIDS, domestic abuse, obesity, and Suzanne’s rival beauty queens while being hilarious and wearing a never-ending series of satin blouses and shoulder pads.

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