Great News!! Dylan Dryer Announces She's Pregnant (AGAIN)

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Dylan Dreyer is pregnant with baby No. 2!

The TODAY co-anchor, who opened up in April about her struggles with secondary infertility, announced the joyous news on TODAY: She and husband Brian Fichera are expecting their second child in January.

She got a little help revealing the news as she shared a video of their2-year-old son Calvinholding a sonogram saying there were five babies. Dylan reassured everyone that they are in fact only expecting one.

Dylan, 37, and Brian have been trying to have a sibling for Calvin, and sheendured a miscarriagethis past winter.

"The day I was going to start my IVF ... the doctor called and said, 'Don't take anything, you're pregnant," she said Wednesday. "I'm just so happy now, I've been keeping this secret so long."

Secondary infertility, which is when women struggle to have another child after giving birth to one or more children, affects about 3 million women in the U.S., according to the University of Wisconsin Hospitals.

“I didn’t know secondary infertility was a thing!” Dylan told TODAY Parents in April.

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