OH MY!!! Here's Expedia's Annual Survey on Travel Etiquette

Expedia just released their annual travel etiquette survey. And one set of questions this year were all about how we conduct ourselves when staying at an Airbnb or vacation rental.

Here are six examples of bad behavior that most of us say are unacceptable . . .

1. Going through the host's personal items. Only 75% said it's definitely not okay.

2. Peeing in their swimming pool. 73% said it's unacceptable.

3. Wearing their clothes or shoes, 64%.

4. Taking a book or DVD, 61%.

5. Stealing things like towels, shampoo, or condiments from the fridge, 58%.

6. Inviting more people to stay without the host's permission. 57% said it's not okay.

Unfortunately, this means that a surprising number of people WOULD potentially do them.

The survey also asked about airplane etiquette: 42% of Americans would change seats to let two people sit together. 48% of us have helped someone with their luggage before. And21% have entertained a stranger's kid for them.

And themost ANNOYINGpeople you can encounter on a plane are sick people . . . seat kickers . . . drunk people . . . smelly people . . . and inattentive parents. 

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