Coca-Cola and Disney Partner And Will Soon Offer These!

Disneyand Coca-Cola, two of the most recognizable brands on earth, are going to be together ina galaxy far, far away.

Coca-Cola is partnering with Disney Parks & Resorts to bring custom bottles of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Dasani to Disney's highly anticipated "Star Wars" land,Galaxy's Edge. The bottles will forgo the familiar look of Coke products for something that fits right into the storyline of Galaxy's Edge.

The bottles will be fashioned into a spherical droid-like shape. They will also have brand names on them but the labels will appear scuffed up to fit in with the rusty look of the "Star Wars" galaxy. The labels will also be written in Aurebesh — a fictional language used in the film franchise.

"It's unlike any Coke product you've seen before," Scott Trowbridge, creative portfolio executive at Walt Disney Imagineering, told CNN Business. "The graphics, the shape of the bottle itself, the cap, all that stuff is very unique to the world and the design language of 'Star Wars.'"

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