New Jersey Dad Gets Thousands Of Birthday Wishes After Sons Pull Prank

Many parents expect a call from their kids on their birthday, but one New Jersey dad is getting thousands of birthday wishes thanks to a prank from his sons.

At first, Chris Ferry’s two sons couldn’t decide what to get him for his 62nd birthday. Then one of them had an idea.

"What if we put his big head on a billboard and said, 'Wish my dad happy birthday,'" Ferry's son, also named Chris, thought.

Ferry immediately called and told his brother Michael who "started dying laughing" at the idea.

The brothers hesitated for a few days, fearing their dad would get mad at them sharing his personal number on a billboard. Eventually they decided they had to "go big or go home."

The billboard, which includes their father's photo and phone number, went up last Wednesday morning and can be seen on the way to the Atlantic City casinos.

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