Amtrak Train Stuck On Oregan Tracks For Days...

An Amtrak train has been stuck in wintry conditions outside Oakridge, Oregon since Sunday evening after hitting a tree that fell onto the tracks, the railroad says. It's carrying 183 passengers. Oakridge is some 45 miles southeast of Eugene.

Amtrak said its Coast Starlight train 11 heading from Seattle to Los Angeles struck the tree at about 6:18 p.m.,according to CBS Medford, Oregon affiliate KTVL-TV.

CBS Seattle affiliate KOIN-TV cites Amtrak as saying no one was hurt when the train hit the tree.

Amtrak said heavy snow and trees on the tracks were making it difficult for crews to reach the train and road closures due to the snow and downed trees were complicating matters.

But it added in a statement that Union Pacific crews were "in the process of clearing the track and are expected to reach the train by 6 a.m. Pacific Time Feb. 26. The train will then move back to Eugene and Portland. Amtrak has made the decision to keep the passengers on the train because power is out in the city. Also, with only two small hotels in town they don't want to separate the passengers prior to having them reboard for departure."

Passenger Rebekah Dodson told KTVL, "We've opened windows, we've gotten yelled at for opening windows. We can't get off the train because there's four feet of snow in every direction, there's nowhere to go."

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