Katy Perry Says "Yes"!!

Published in Marie Claire...

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, who have been dating on and off for three years, are reportedly going to get married! And they got engaged on Valentine's Day, too—which has to classify as the best Valentine's Day surprise ever (and a really easy way to remember your engagement anniversary). And the ring is GORGEOUS and so Katy Perry. I love it.

Hilariously,Katy's mom was the one to confirm it on Facebook, with a few photos of the couple and a caption of "Look who got engaged on Valentines Day!" So, Katy Perry's mom is like all proud moms—just wanting to share the good news with all her friends on Facebook.

The ring looks like it's a ruby surrounded by diamonds, which is such a unique look. Katy Perry has always played by her own style rules, so it makes sense that she'd go for something that doesn't look like your traditional ring. But, it actually DOES remind me of another famous ring: Princess Eugenie,who also has a halo engagement ring with a unique stone in the center. In Eugenie's case, the stone isa blush-colored padparadscha sapphire, not a ruby, so Katy's ring is obviously a richer, darker color with bigger diamonds on the rim. As we all know by now, the fabulous Kate Middleton ALSO has a unique halo ring—a sapphire surrounded by diamonds. The halo-with-a-twist ring is really popular right now!


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