Did You Know This About McDonald's Hash Browns??

When you order a meal at McDonald's you can't request how you'd like your burger cooked, but you can ask to get your hash browns "well done." Foodbeast's Peter Pham says he's been ordering them this way for years, and loved preparing them this way when he worked at the fast food restaurant. If you look to Twitter for confirmation, you can find it. Back in 2017 one person Tweeted, "Recently, I discovered that you can show up to McDonalds at any time of day and order hashbrowns well-done and they’ll make sure they’re nice and crispy," and another (in early 2018) wrote, "I always ask that my hashbrowns are made fresh at McDonalds. If I don’t see 'well done' or 'cook to order' under my order in the screen, I make it known. And please don’t forget my FOUR packets of ketchup. Yes, I’m that person."

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