You're Never Too Old For That "First Time" Feeling

By, Leslye Gale

This weekend my son, Chase, his longtime girlfriend, Meg, and their bouncing baby Doodle, Nalu, came home from Flagler College in St. Augustine to help pick out a Chrsitmas tree. 

Amazingly Meg has never experienced the thrill of picking out a fresh tree and learned quickly, it can be both fun and a little stressful.


After leaving our tree stand at home and loosing out on our first tree choice (it sold while we were trying to figure out where our stand was) we rallied around a nice 6 footer. 

That the little stressers are minor. The momories are everything.  I've been taking my son to this same Christmas tree stand since he was an infant. Every year we return, we share stories about past years and every once in a while, we get a beautiful young woman who's experiencing the magic for the first time.

Merry Christmas (a little early) :)

Chad & Leslye

Chad & Leslye

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