Meghan Markle's Tights Leave Fans Confused

Meghan Markle has had to adopt a fair amount of royal protocol since she married Prince Harry last May.

But during an appearance alongside the rest of the royals to mark Remembrance Day, Meghan followed tradition and wore a pair of flesh coloured stockings underneath her black coat dress.

And the decision has left the internet confused.

Taking to Twitter, fans were quick to point out that the nude hosiery were rather ‘shiny’.


There was also an unusual mark by her right foot that had others wondering if perhaps the Duchess of Sussex had awkwardly ‘spilt’ something on herself.

“What has Meghan spilled on her tights?” one fan wrote.

“Has she spilt her wine?” another suggested.

However, given the rainy weather over the past weekend, it is equally possible Meghan may have accidentally stepped in a puddle on her way in, soaking one of her feet.

It’s customary for royal ladies to wear tights when their legs are out, something Meghan has shunned in the past.

But with it being the 100th year since the First World War ended and her first ever appearance at the poignant annual event, it seems Meghan chose to follow protocol as they commemorated all those who lost their lives in conflicts.

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