CARDI B: Star of the Year!


Cardi B is this year’s Star of Year in People magazine’s Spanish edition. 

Bardi posed with a Marilyn Monroe-inspired hairstyle for the magazine’s cover. In the interview, she speaks candidly about the trade-offs of raising a baby while being one of the hottest stars of the moment. She says, “I don't want to miss nothing from my baby. I read that babies forget people so quick; I don't want her to forget me. I don’t want her thinking that somebody else is her mom; I want her to love me as her mom… I want to be the one that when she cries, I’m the one that stops her from crying. Seriously. Being a week away, it would just drive me insane.”

She also wants to make sure her baby grows up humble and not snobby. To that extent, she plans on “taking her to her cousin's, her grandmother's house, and I would like her to see how the people in my community live. I would like for her to be humble, for her to want to share, for her not to be snobby."

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