Bring On These Delish Oreos!

Though it’s still early for holiday treats to start popping up in retail stores, the cookie company is getting a head start on the excitement with a new festive creation: Peppermint Bark Oreos.

Oreo—which just announced that their largest creme-filled cookie More Stufwill hit shelves in 2019—first revealed the flavor back in June at the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago. The limited-edition cookie was joined by four other new flavors including Rocky Road Trip and Peanut Butter Pie.

Peppermint-flavored Oreos debuted around 2013, but the new peppermint bark Oreos have a distinct difference in the center creme. The peppermint creme is combined with “crunchy sugar crystals,” giving the crunchy sensation that all peppermint bark-lovers look forward to when the holidays roll around.

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