UPDATE: Leslye Gale's Kitchen Remodel Is Ready For Inspection

It's been a few weeks since I've updated you on our kitchen remodel, which is more than just the kitchen, it's actually the opening up of our entire 1950's ranch. For years we've enjoyed the intimate spaces our home afforded us, but for the past few years , I've been dreaming of an open concept living/eating area where we could entertain friends and host family gatherings. 

A project we knew was above anything we could handle, which is why we chose KBF Design Gallery, a family owned company which specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodels. They've designed our new space and are handling every aspect of the construction. You can see by the spotless work area, KBF's attention to detail has been amazing. kbfdesigngallery.com

There's no question, gutting your entire home is going to be disruptive, but when your design and construction teams are on time, tidy and always there to answer your questions, the process is not nearly as scary or frustrating as it could be. 

Today, Reed from KBF came and went over exactly what the inspectors will be looking at when they arrive in the next week or so. With the "rough in" complete, the electrical, beams and framework is what they'll be focusing on. Reed also discussed with us exactly what will happen once the inspections are complete, giving us peace of mind during the quieter days of our remodeling project. 

Please follow our progress... it's amazing how far we've already come.

CLICK HERE: https://www.kbfdesigngallery.com/category/leslye-gale-kitchen-remodel/

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