The Skies Are Falling On Leslye Gale's Kitchen Remodel (In A Good Way)

It's been three weeks since KBF Design Gallery broke ground on our massive kitchen remodel. It's crazy to think that in just 21 days, bearing walls have been taken down, floors taken up, new electrical installed and our cramped 1950's ranch feels more open than we ever dreamt possible.

Part of opening up such an old house involves discovering what lies behind the walls, which fortunately hasn't been much, but what was going on in our attic is a whole other story.   

Not only is our current air conditioning unit in the attic (not the best scenario) but we also still have all the original ceiling vents. You know, those old round ones with the chain hanging from them!

So we decided while the bandaid is off, we might as well treat the wound and have decided to move the AC unit down and to replace the old vents with new rectangular ones.

This required clearing out the closet in our son's room and cutting a hole in the wall to accomodate the AC unit.   

It's been busy and we've been thrilled with our partnership with KBF Design Gallery. We selected the Altamonte Springs based firm for their hands on approach and their vast experience with kitchen and bathroom reno projects.

To see our entire remodeling journey and our final vision check out KBF Design Gallery's Blog 

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