Propose now and shop later with this 'Will You?' engagement ring

In a break from the traditional engagement ring, Helzberg Diamonds is proposing a new idea: the “Will You?” ring, which is essentially the ring before the ring.

The $50 silver band is inscribed with the words, "This is a ring, not the ring," and comes in a white presentation box that opens to reveal the words, “The first of many things we'll do together.”

Helzberg Diamond's "Will You?" RingGregory A. Larson/ Helzberg Diamonds

Beryl Raff, chairwoman and chief executive of Helzberg Diamonds, told TODAY Style that the “Will You” ring keeps the engagement a surprise while also allowing a couple to enjoy the process of choosing a ring together.

"We know many of today’s couples are re-thinking traditional roles and looking to do more together," she said. "We see more couples in our stores shopping for engagement rings, as well as designing custom rings together. We also know traditional engagements can be daunting."

A recent survey conducted on behalf of Helzberg found that three-quarters of men (73 percent) and two-thirds of women (63 percent) in relationships think marriage proposals should be a surprise, but there’s fear from both parties that the ring won’t be quite right.

The ring's inscription says, "This is a ring, not the ring."Gregory A. Larson/ Helzberg Diamonds

Sixty-two percent of men in relationships said the hardest part of the proposal would be picking out the ring, and half of the women said the hardest part would be letting him know kind they want.

In all, 41 percent felt that couples should pick the engagement ring together, which is kind of hard to do if you want the proposal to be a surprise.

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