The New Royal Coin Has Tongues Wagging

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry now have an official coin commemorating their royal wedding, but fans are already blasting the coin for looking nothing like them.  

According to a statement from the Royal Mint, the couple sat for portraits together and the pair were depicted looking lovingly into each other's eyes. 

"Following the announcement of their engagement, the Royal Mint was granted a private sitting with Prince Harry and Meghan at Kensington Palace," the statement read. "The setting of their meeting was relaxed and informal, which is reflected in the portrait of the couple. The pair can be seen looking lovingly into each other's eyes and highlights the easy familiarity and connection between the royal duo."

Well, they definitely have the look of love but can we debate whether this even looks like them?  

One source told Access they think it looks Julia Roberts and John F. Kennedy….

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