Leslye Gale Says THIS Is A Kitchen Must Have (Her Hubby Says NO)

In the shift to local agriculture, the next frontier is as local as it gets: your kitchen. Some time in the future, we may all be growing greens at home using automated appliances. Turning out some Brussels sprouts may be as easy as switching on a dishwasher.

In fact, the future is already here–albeit at a price. The Urban Cultivator, which comes in two versions–residential and commercial–lets you grow a wide range of herbs and micro-greens in a kitchen. Just place a tray of seeds and growing media inside the fridge-like unit, set the buttons and wait. A few days later, you’ll have fresh greens.

Leslye Gale is redoing her kitchen and says, for cooks this is a must have! Her husband says she absolutely does not need that!! 


Chad & Leslye

Chad & Leslye

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