Fun New Photos!

I am not a big fan of taking photos... It actually might be my least favorite thing about working on the radio. I'm awkward... I'm not particularly attractive... and I don't think I photograph all that well. For years, I was not happy with our show photos... and the process of getting them done... I dreaded having to dress up (thankfully we don't have to do that anymore!)... and when I have to smile on cue, I look like Chandler from Friends...

But for the last two years we have been using Michelle and Love Is Me Photography and finally I don't mind our photoshoots! She can't make me a 10... She's not a magician... but it is so much more fun and comfortable... And I get to just be me and she manages to find those moments that photograph really well! We went to Selfie WRLD Orlando this time around, and it was so much fun!

If you want have some fun with selfies, check out Selfie WRLD... Follow them on IG HERE

If you need a photographer, check out Love Is Me Photography on IG HERE

Check out some of my favorites from our shoot!

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