Sister Wife Spectacle: Kody Brown Turned Down By Potential New Wife

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Reality TV’s Kody and Robyn Brown have reportedly been rejected by a young woman they were courting after what a source says was a disastrous first meetup.

The report comes from a recent episode of Tender Loving Care…? a podcast hosted by Pauline and Kate. The hosts told listeners that they have been in touch with someone claiming to be involved with the production of TLC’s Sister Wives. The source says the now monogamous couple is working overtime to become polygamists once again.

“Kody and Robyn are on the hunt for a new wife,” said Pauline. “But this is where it gets insane. They have been filming Kody and Robyn courting, as they say, a woman in an undisclosed South American country for months.”

At the close of season 17 it seemed as if the “sister wives” of reality television were no more. After reports of tensions both on and off screen, Christine, Janelle, and Merri Brown have separated from Kody, leaving him in a monogamous relationship with his fourth wife Robyn.

According to the source, the couple had been in constant communication with what he described as "quite a young woman." The relationship went as far as a rendezvous in Mexico where things quickly went off the rails.

“It is a full on complete and utter disaster,” said Pauline. “(The source) says they look like they wanted 'A mail order bride.’ The woman was apparently so turned off by the two of them that she left.”

The source told Pauline that Kody is furious about how the incident made him look and is demanding that TLC not release any of the footage around the entire ordeal.

Now, this is all unconfirmed. The hosts of Tender Loving Care…? say they have vetted this source and feel that they are very credible. However, the source could also be a plant. Sent by the studio to stir up interest and speculation about a 18th season of Sister Wives where there will only be one wife.

It’s been widely reported and often speculated in the podcast community that Kody will try to remarry in the next few years. Fans of Sister Wives will just have to wait and see.

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