PICS: Blackout CurtainS & #GOBOLTS; Chad & Leslye's Weekend in 5 Pics

Chad & bestie, Renee, took in the new Elvis movie and give it a million thumbs up!

After a week of vacation, WESH-TV meteorologist Kellianne Klass, dragged Chad to their F45 workout on a Sunday!

In effort to increase his nap happiness Chad attempted to hang blackout curtains in his bedroom.

It's not going so well :(

But on a good note, Chad's pup Gabby got a cool new food dish set-up. They went with the smaller one on the right BTW.

Leslye and and her trusty Labradoodle Lewis did a little paddle boarding in Tampa Bay before the Train concert.

Then tired the pups out a the beach!

Leslye's brother Ken was her date for the weekend. He lives in Dunedin and is always up for an adventure.

Friday night's Tampa Bay Lightning win was definitely a highlight (and more fun than Sunday's night's loss),

Voted best restaurant and best brunch in Tampa, leslye and her brother Ken went to the Mill House South in Tampa for watermelon toast. Leslye's niece serves there on weekend's so the service was top notch!

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