PICS: Aquatica, Jurassic World & Trail Rides; Chad & Les Weekend In 5 Pics!

Chad & his friend Renee caught the first showing of Jurassic World Dominion at the Epic Theaters in Lee Vista.

It's true!! A listener tipped off Chad to this awesome Bomb Pop mimosa at Cracker Barrel!

The whole Magic 1077 squad showed up for "Slide into Pride" at Aquatica Saturday night.

Chad Pitt led the charge and the limbo competition!!

It goes without saying that a workout was much needed for Chad come Sunday Morning!

Leslye started off the weekend at the Old Jailhouse Restaurant in Sanford where they enjoyed salmon spring rolls and fried pork belly as well as the really cool ambiance.

How cute is this banana pudding that Leslye made for her husband??

Leslye, her friend Laurie, and their horses enjoyed an amazing trail ride Sunday morning.

They rode Lake Norris Conservation Area in Eustis which had tons of well marked trails with more hills than we normally see in Central Florida.

Leslye and her husband also checked out Jurassic World Dominion over the weekend.

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