Bike Rides & Family Reunion Fun; Lots In Chad & Leslye's Wknd in 5 Pics!

First up for Chad this weekend, Dr. Strange. He says the film lives up to it's hype and to stay to the end!

A favorite bike ride, Chad checked out the farmer's market in Winter Garden this weekend.

A Magnet collector, Chad scored this awesome one from AB Newton & Co. in Winter Garden.

Ever the thoughtful neighbor, Chad picked up some delicious goodies from the Glass Knife for his neighbor, Betty.

Mother's Day wouldn't be complete without this Chad Pitt & Sheri throwback pic.

The first weekend of May is tradition for the Johnson Family Reunion in Longpond, Georgia. It's the family home of Leslye's husband Ben.

Leslye husband Ben's father, Jack Johnson, was one of 10 siblings, so the Peter Johnson House, circa 1882 is the site of the annual reunion.

The setting is truly romantic.

Since the reunion falls on the first weekend of May every year, The Johnson family Kentucky Derby pool is a big deal. Amazingly Leslye won it this year with the the horse with the worst odds in Kentucky Derby history.

Dinner at home with her son, Chase and stepdaughter Casey, was all Leslye wanted for Mother's Day.

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