The Pinery & Frog Legs For Dinner; Chad & Leslye's Wknd in 5 Pics!

Chad and his bestie, Renee out for their weekly dinner date.

BBQ Brisket Mac & Cheese on the menu at the Pinery

The Pinery is an upscale dining experience located on beautiful Lake Ivanhoe in the heart of Orlando. Inhabiting land that once cultivated Florida’s former top export crop -pineapples.

Chad received this great Star Wars Anthony by the New York Times as a birthday gift.

Talk about the perfect gift for Chad!!!

The Spring Garden Farmer's Market is now open and Plymouth Avenue and Spring Garden Ranch Road (the Truck Route) in Deland and Leslye has made it her weekly stop.

Leslye didn't get these frog legs at the Farmer's market but rather at Gaff's Market in Deland.

Also on the menu this weekend, Leslye's stuffed baked artichokes! Follow her on instagram @leslye_gale

And finally, it was moving day for Leslye's Krewe of Amalee, which meant a long day for Leslye's husband Ben.

It took 30 bags of mulch for Leslye to do all of her beds! Hello Spring!

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