Nothing But Family This Weekend for Chad & Leslye; Weekend in 5 Pics!

Whenever Chad's parents, Andy and Sheri, come to town they ALWAYS treat themselves to brunch at the Grand Floridian.

Chad and Sheri don't actually share a birthday, but since Sheri missed out on a few birthday cakes during Covid, family friends treated her to one as well.

Chad often speaks of his best friend Renee (far right) because they've been buddies so long, their parents have become close as well. Renee's mom Carol is the beauty up front.

One of the highlights of Chad's parents trip will definitely be the Journey concert last week at the Amway Center.

Leslye took her trusty labradoodle Lewis to St. Pete/Clearwater this weekend to hang out with her family.

Leslye's mom, Faye, is headed back to Paris for the "season" so Leslye and her brother, Ken, hosted the first stop of Faye's farewell tour. (even though she's back in a few months)

Leslye says it's always hard for her when her mother leaves for Europe, even though she's been doing it for more than 25 years.

Leslye's niece Marley also lives in St. Pete and also loves dogs! This is her pup, Charley.

Lewis hung in there all weekend. He even came along to Leslye's remote at Sprouts Farmer's Market on Sunday.

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