Easter Egg Hunts & Puppy's Pink Bows; Chad & Leslye's Weekend in 5 Pics!

Charlie's is the oldest bakery in Central Florida, so Chad bought his neighbor and friend Betty a special piece of Easter carrot cake.

In return Betty presented Chad with this beautiful Easter Basket, complete with an egg she dyed herself.

Chad's pup Gabby loved her Easter Ball.

Gabby was not so happy about the Easter bows she received after her holiday haircut. (They didn't last long)

Easter bunny sighting at the Magic 1077 Easter Egg Hunt.

Chad and Leslye were so happy to be back hosting the Magic 1077 Easter Egg Hunt.

Also Passover, Leslye is obsessed with her friend Ellen's homemade chopped liver eaten on matza of course.

Also on the menu, crawfish! Leslye's friend Laurie served up 80 pounds of Louisiana crawfish!

Leslye also hit the links with her husband Ben this weekend.

Leslye's son Chase and stepdaughter, Casey, joined them for Easter brunch at the Lake Beresford Yacht Club.

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