Chad Goes D.I.Y & Leslye's Son's Birthday; Weekend in 5 Pics!

Chad and his bestie Renee checked out Thai Farm Kitchen in College Park Friday and said it was pretty tasty.

The fireplace at Disney Springs was the perfect place to be on a cool Saturday night.

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once, a movie Chad checked out this weekend. He said it had lots of great family/life lessons.

A D.I.Y. project was also on the menu at Chad's house this weekend. (you can always tell when his parents are coming to visit, lol)

All that work left Chad's girl Gabby exhausted so she found her favorite spot... the middle of Chad's bed!

Even on weekends, Leslye starts her day at Deland Pilates.

Leslye made traditional Master's style Pimento Cheese sandwiches for the weekend's big tournament.

Leslye also made her first cheesecake for her son Chase's 25th birthday.

Leslye's son Chase turned 25 this weekend!

A Saturday night dinner & drinks at Crimson House in NBS usually goes like this for Leslye!

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