Disney Springs Drinkin', Brides & Trail Rides; Chad & Leslye 5 Pics!

It was a Saturday drink-a-thon around Disney Springs for Chad & Co.

Starting with a pineapple/mango beer at City Works.

Followed by an avocado margarita at Fronteria. (truth to told, Leslye loves those too!)

A strawberry Daiquiri at Dockside Margarita's (also a Leslye favorite).

And to soak all of the alcohol up, the day ended with a Oreo donut from Everglade's Donut Shop.

Not to be outdone, Leslye baked red velvet cupcakes with her special cream cheese icing.

The wedding of good friend, Elise Paulson and Andy Sistrunk was definitely a highlight of Leslye's weekend.

Leslye takes Pilates with Elise and has grown to love everything about this spunky bride.

Leslye and her friend Laurie headed to Marion County for a little weekend trail riding.

Horses, Winnie & Dusty, look forward to post ride treats almost as much as the ride itself!

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