A Dog Parade & "Gabby" Time, Chad & Leslye' s Weekend in 5 Pics!

Leslye (as you can see) loves riding in Deland's Krewe of Amalee Dog parade and this year's crowd was tremendous!

Leslye's stepdaughter, Casey, and her niece, Lindsey, represented Deland's Junior Service League at the dog parade.

Leslye loves working on all the floats for the dog parade, but the Krewe of Amalee "Krewe Shoe" is her favorite!

On Sunday, Leslye and her best friend Laurie, took their horses to the Tiger Bay State Forest in Ormond beach for a little trail ride.

Leslye's son is now a working tattoo artist at Always Anchored Tattoo is Deland. She admits to stopping by a lot :)

Chad wishing you a happy Monday and National Cupcake Day (it's a real thing at Magic)

Does your dog do this? Gabby finds her way into Chad's spot all the time!

Chad's nephew Stevie sent him this drawing of Mike W. from Monster's Inc. (We're not exactly sure what he's drinking, lol)

Chad's sister also sent him something! It's a hanging Chad!!!! lolololol

A day date to Lake Underhill for Chad & Gabby.

For more on Chad & Leslye's weekend.. check out their podcast. Chad & Leslye in The Morning

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