PICS: Chad's Good Eats & Leslye's Kid, Wknd in 5 Pics!

Chad's weekend always starts with a great meal and these days it's often at Thai House in Colonial. (Sorry, not sorry, it's his favorite these days)

Cinnamon Crunch was the flavor of the day at Kelly's Ice Cream this weekend!

Not a fan of the cold weather, Chad's dog Gabby (an Afghan Hound/Saluki mix) spent most of the weekend cuddled up in Chad's bed.

A good inside workout at F45 in Baldwin Park was also on Chad's radar this weekend.

After a go with a new Snapchat filter, Chad is thinking of a new look. What do you think?

Leslye's son Chase and his pup Nalu popped in for a weekend visit.

She may live in the country, but Leslye has lots of plants that require covering.

Leslye has had some of her most precious plants for more than a dozen years. She would have brought them all in if she could have to protect them!

Homemade venison chili was definitely on the menu this weekend.

Leslye's Sunday morning Pilates class involved a kettle ball this weekend.

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