PICS: Chad & Leslye's Weekend in 5 Pics!

Chad finally watched Encanto and he's been singing the "Bruno" song ever since!

Always looking to try something new, Chad and his friends checked out "Izziban" on Colonial Drive in Orlando. Two thumbs up!

After a year of hard work, Chad is finally putting the finishing touches on his beautiful house.

Chad also found time this weekend to check out an authentic King Cake from the Cornerstone Bakery in Celebration.

And finally after all that deliciousness, Chad made sure not to miss his F45 workout in Baldwin Park (soooo Jimmy Neutron, right?)

Leslye also made sure to get in a couple of workouts this weekend at Deland Pilates.

The weather being a chilly as it was this weekend, Leslye's Labradoodle Lewis was in heaven and made multiple trips this weekend to Barkley Square Dog Park in Deland.

After several months, hunting season came to a close in Florida this weekend, which means Leslye got her husband back!

It was definitely a "cover your plants, bring in your pets" kind of weekend.

It was also a soup kind of weekend. Leslye made a Spicy Thai Coconut Chicken number... yum!

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