PICS: Chad & Leslye's Weekend in 5 Pics!

Chad kicked off the weekend with cocktails at Disney's Riviera. In case you were wondering, Moscow Mule is Chad's drink of choice at the Riviera.

The view from the Riviera is amazing!

After cocktails, it was dinner at the Boat House at Disney Springs, where we understand they have the best crab cakes ever!

The highlight of the night was, of course, the movie Scream. A huge fan of the franchise, Chad said it was great, al though he was not completely sold on the ending,

And as for snacking, these are Chad's new obsession!! YUM!

Leslye Gale headed south to Palm Beach County in an effort to find a dress for an upcoming event. Her mom, Faye, is her most honest shopping partner.

Still embracing Dry January, Leslye made good use her mom's extensive tea collection.

A trip to Leslye's mom's always includes at least one scrabble game! Leslye did not win this time around.

Leslye's mom's partner, G'ilbert the Frenchman, who is 91 years young!

A quick trip, Nalu the Doodle is always happy when Leslye returns.

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