PICS: Chad & Leslye's Weekend in 5 Pics!

Fresh off a new groom, Gabby played nurse to an under-the-weather Chad xoxoxo

After several people recommended it, Chad finally found the time to watch the new Leo DiCaprio & Jennifer Lawrence film, "Don't Look Up" He loved it!

Chad also logged a few episodes of the latest, "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: Texas"

Chad's preferred movie snacks :)

Even though he's vaccinated and boosted, Chad took a Covid test just to be safe! #negative

Leslye and her friends, Missy, Chrissy, Barbara and Chris, checked out the Immersive Van Gogh Experience at the Orange County Convention Ctr.

Leslye loved it! Sadly its moved on from Central Florida, but if you're in a city where it's playing, Leslye highly recommends it!

With so many friends feeling unwell, Leslye made Jello for them all!

Leslye and her friend Laurie, took their horses to the Ocklawaha Prairie in Marion County.

It was the perfect weekend for a ride!!!

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